Copywriters speak-Copywriter Interview No.1

A copywriter is someone who is paid to write words that are designed to prompt action through advertisements, both online and offline. Despite being one of the most sought after skills out there, many people are still not aware of the work a copywriter does. They might remember a famous ad but are hardly familiar with the copywriter behind the brilliant ad.

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For instance, almost everyone knows which brand manufactures the most “utterly butterfly delicious” butter in the world, thanks to its amazing marketing and branding strategies. Still, hardly anyone knows that this prevalent slogan was written by Nisha da Chuna owner of daChuna Communications, Mumbai.

Copywriters are so busy creating sales and conversions that they are rarely seen talking about their experiences and what inspired them to be where they are.

But today, we got a chance to have a conversation with Mr Aakash Amin, a promising copywriter who left his career as a real estate appraiser to pursue his passion of being a copywriter. Aakash started his journey in 2020, and within one year, he has scored multiple high-profile clients and has built a following of more than 4000 followers who are educated by his content daily.

Watch Aakash get candid about his journey as a copywriter below,

Q.1 Let’s start by clearing out the air around copywriting. So Aakash, how would you describe Copywriting and its importance in the marketing industry?

A. Hey!! Thanks for reaching out.

Copywriting has been for ages and, even today, any advertisement you see, whether it’s a TV ad or an ad in a magazine, newspaper or radio station or the social media ads, in all of them Copywriting plays the most important role. Without a good copy, there are no sales.

Copywriting is all about persuading the buyer or reader to take action through the use of written words. It can be anything like click on subscribe button or click on a buy button, etc.

Q.2 And do you think there has been any change in the way copies were times in earlier times vs the way copies are written now?

A. The job of a copywriter began by creating ads on a large poster made of paper with a feather dipped ink centuries ago.

Eventually, they evolved to larger format newspapers where advertisements began to appear on one full page, or several ads were dispersed throughout the pages. They also evolved to printed pamphlets and brochures.

A copywriter now has to be proficient in writing for the web with a sound knowledge of SEO and social media copy.

Copywriters may also write copy for food and product packaging(have done this), floral bouquets (I have done this), write about technology trends in healthcare, write descriptions for cars, mobile phones, etc. media releases about musicians and authors and the list goes on.

So, in short, there is a huge change in writing than it used to be earlier.

Q.3 That’s a great answer, Mr Aakash. Can you tell us about your own journey? When did you decide that you wanted to become a copywriter and how was the transition into this whole new dimension of work?

A. Thanks!

Well, it all started during the lockdown. I was searching for a high-income skill, and at that time, I came to know about Copywriting!! Then I started gathering all the information about it, and I actually started getting interested in it, and it was then I decided let’s embark on my Copywriting journey. I started getting knowledge from Google and YouTube. Read some books and still am learning every day.

Then I made my Instagram account in June last year and, at present, have more than 3.5k followers. I post copywriting content there and also post motivational self-made videos.

I am from a business background, and getting into Copywriting wasn’t easy. I had many doubts when I decided to start with this journey. But I took a leap of faith and just took the first step, and then things started flowing naturally.
At present, I write copies for my own business and have also worked for some clients.

Q.4 That is amazing Mr Aakash, can you shed some light on your writing process?

A. I tend to follow some formulas like AIDA, PAS, and there are many other formulas. But again, it’s not necessary to use these same formulas all the time. One can also create their own formulas. Every copy is different, so it’s up to us to see what fits in for that particular copy we are writing, and then we can mix match the formulas and then apply it wherever needed. So I believe Copywriting is all about experimenting.

Q.5 That’s totally agreeable. So can you help out the copywriting newcomers by answering the most sought after question in Copywriting, how to land your first client?

A. Well, I started with writing for a cousin for free who had a business. I wanted to gain experience, so I did it for free. I believe in the beginning one can work for free for 2-3 clients just like I worked for 2 clients last year. And then I was lucky enough to land my first paying client through them only.

But again, it’s not the same story for everyone. At times, it takes months to land the first paid client. The best way to start, I would suggest, is to approach friends and family running a business and tell them how you can help them generate more sales. And another medium is social media, especially LinkedIn, where one can generate genuine clients.

Q.6 That’s quite a journey, Mr Aakash. Since we are talking about Copywriting and being a copywriter, you must have a favourite ad copy, whether it’s print or TVC. Can you share that with us?

A. Sure!! I have read many copies, but some are my favourites, and I am sure almost everyone who is into Copywriting must have read it.

Rolls Royce ad in 1959.
Volkswagen – Think Small ad in 1959
Pepsodent Toothpaste ad in 1929

These are classic ads which will simply blow your mind. Just have a look at it if you haven’t and you will understand why these were the greatest ads.

For more classic ads, look at swiped. Co and read the control pieces ads there. Control pieces mean they have been proven to generate revenue.

Q.7 Let’s end this session with the last question, what advice would you want to give to someone who is just starting as a copywriter or aspires to be one someday?

A. Well, I would like to say that NEVER GIVE UP!! Keep hustling. It’s not a one night or one month or one year journey. It’s a never-ending process. Keep learning and keep experimenting.

P.S. – One exercise I would recommend to everyone is to start handwriting classic ads to help you think as a great copywriter thinks. Please do it for a month, and you will see the changes in your thinking and writing pattern.

Thank you! It’s a pleasure to have a conversation with you!!

Thank you so much for taking out the time, Mr Aakash. It was great talking to someone as well informed as you. Have a nice day!

Connect to Mr Aakash Amin here,

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aakaashamin/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH0Bzca-67Obk_U3DrYiv9w

Website: https://skykopy.in/

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